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HIYA, It's me Madan

My passion lies in crafting models for resilient and regenerative food systems. Firmly believing that business can be a force for social good, I'm driven to bridge the gap between food production and its value through regenerative practices and a circular economy. My journey began on the farm, providing me with firsthand knowledge across the "farm-to-fork" spectrum. Now, I'm exploring the potential of cutting-edge tools like Web3, Regenerative Finance, and Carbon Financing to empower farmers and incentivize them in adopting regenerative practices.

Let's regenerate how we live on earth.

I firmly believe that agriculture can be a driving force for positive change, not just for individuals but also for entire communities.

I have dedicated my career to nurturing the land and creating a positive impact on the community working locally solving the conversing issues we face today.  

Grow your own Food !

Experience regenerative agriculture in my pesticide-free citrus orchards, blooming gardens, and thriving fish ponds. Relish farm-fresh produce, eggs, and grains, nurtured with love and respect for nature. Join us on this mindful journey of sustainable living and grow your own food with Firfirey Organics and Lok Marga Permaculture Farm.

Shifting From Food Value Chain to Food Networks

I am a co-founder of Nepal Food Networks, driving positive change in Nepal’s food systems through collaborative efforts. At Sarvaguna, we proudly serve 5000 daily meals to schools and events, ensuring quality and nutrition. Our processing center sources ingredients directly from local farmers, promoting sustainability and empowering communities. 

Farm to Fork

From farm to fork, I embrace a holistic approach to agriculture. With a passion for regenerative practices, I collaborate with communities, ensuring fresh, nutritious produce reaches plates, fostering a healthier and greener future.

Unlearn, Learn, Grow, Share, Grow more...

My journey has taken me to various corners of the world, including Croatia, India, the United States, Japan, and Italy, where I represented and contributed to international agricultural conferences and events. These experiences have expanded my horizons, and I am continually seeking ways to learn, grow, and share my knowledge.

Blog Posts

By madan / July 21, 2020

This story won the CCAFS open blog competition for the South Asia region. Madan Poudel is making a difference to food and farming in his

“Creating regenerative systems is not simply a technical, economic, ecological or social shift: it has to go hand-in-hand with an underlying shift in the way we think about ourselves, our relationships with each other and with life as a whole”
Daniel Christian Wahl
Author of Designing Regenerative Cultures (2016)

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