Madan Poudel

Madan Poudel

Passionate Agriculturist

#LifeHack : Never Ending YOU and Your IDEA

Disclaimer: #LifeHack Series is personal feelings on different situation.


Enough is enough, so much of hardship ends in between nowhere. Days pass by looking forward to hear some good email responses from the available opportunities to be engaged. Its pity to mention as it ends with almost same response by meaning REJECTED. How far you will walk the path for searching the opportunities? How long you will have faith on other that he/she will select me for this opportunity? How long you stay awaited? The journey should ends here and by now. Rather be something more. After all it’s your craziness that dives you in. You need to define yourself what you are first not delivering about your biography as per the situation. You need to be yourself. You are really in big trouble my friend, you haven’t even discovered true version of yourself. No matter how other appreciate you on your activities or how much they praise you, if you fail to define yourself, you are long lost. I know you are passionate on your things, but you clearly need to know where your passion leads to. You need others support to grow on your vision but remember that you need to be self-dependent. The true color of you shouldn’t be others leg to push you forward. Rather seek on yourself for the possibilities to grow.

Lead the part of your idea not following on the recent trend on twitter or Facebook. You might have built up the strong portfolio, but you got to be stick on your idea whatever hurdle comes up, whatever the situation you pass through. Feed your idea regularly so that you can have broad perspective on what you want to be and what you want to achieve. Yah, you might be frustrated for couple of moments doubting on your works, or on lonesome path you walk with, but have strong feeling that the journey will walk through the amazing trails and wonderful time. You have forgotten the steps for journey, you might have shifted the low gear for some time wondering on high times, but you got to step up. The never ending you and your idea should always grow and prosper.

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