Your workspace might be messed up things that breaks your attention. Try to surround with good things around to get focused and it will surprisingly delights you with its beauty. I have got half a dozen of bottles mostly reused ones of beverages. I put cuttings of ornamental and medicinal plants submerging stem base into the half water filled bootle.  

Believe me I put these plants into these vessels for more than five months, they stills looks fresh, green and smells good.

This croton is one of the awesome plant I have got in my collection. It has already developed 30cm long  adventitious roots in the water. Trust me, you can put this croton plant cuttings for a year or so alive, healthy and green. You can put 2 inch of white sparky pebbles which gives perfect reflection at light. I utilized this beverage bootle (Golden Oak, Vodka) to grow these plants. Even some beverage bottles has got artistic patterns. Alike croton you can put acalypha, justicia, aloe vera, money plant, balsam etc at these bottles to give a fantastic workspace design.

Pic: Justicia developing its root on volumetric bottom flask

I do spend my time in my mini little table garden keeping a maintained water level, changing the orientation and many more.

As a true natures guy, I feel deep affection at the plants. These environment brings me the strong sense of feeling to spend my time enjoying the work, networking and communicate the online world.

You can make the cuttings of balsam to root keeping at water for 15-20days. You can transplant into little plastic bottle cuttings. Balsam and aloe vera has got wide medicinal properties and it’s good to consume herbs that you could cultivate at your own desk.


You can put it at the window. The bottle with its top part separated is a nice thing to play with. You can raise nursery at it planting small vegetable seedlings and flower seedling. The broad leaf shade loving indoor plants like iron plants placed at the pot gives a nice view.


Try these gardening hacks at your own table. You will get to know how plants can amaze us and could bring positiveness at your work.