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Technical Geek & Agri-Futurist

Madan Poudel

I would like to call myself an Agri-Futurist as I am optimistic towards my vision of farming in future. Raised in an agrarian community of Syangja district, farming for me is more than just a profession. It's my culture and tradition handed from my forefathers so I proudly choose to be a FARMER.

My entire passion is on making agriculture glamorous, youth friendly and TECH SMART.
I have strong desire to startup Permaculture farm and learning center at my village making the landscape productive, reviving the dead Nepalese society economy with respect to the environment. You can get connected with me through my social media channels. Feel free to share your words via comment in my blog too.

Madan Poudel a.k.a Maddy

  • StudentAgriculture and Forestry University (AFU)
  • PresidentAgriYouthNepal
  • Council MemberU.S Embassy Youth Council Nepal 2015
  • MemberYoung Professionals for Agricultural Development
  • Sales ManagerSEOJhb

Expertise | Area of Interest

Web Designing
Permaculture Design
Organic Farming
Precision Agriculture/ICT4Ag
Web Master

Services I Offer

Technical Agri-Consultant

Thinking off starting Farming as a professional career? I would love to assist you in making your farm TECH SMART.

Web Designing and Development

Complete package of Affordable, Easy to Maintain, Responsive, Mobile Friendly and Search Engine Optimized design for businesses, organizations and personal projects.

Data Management

I do offer variety of data services from data entry, management, analysis, data mining , data mediation, cloud computing as per your needs.
**Only for Small Project and research.


Website Maintenance, Consulting, Hosting, CMS, Social Media Management and many more...

Permaculture Basics Course

I teach Permaculture Basics course to students and volunteers. With experiences of ecological base traditional farming practice since my childhood, I blended the principles of Permaculture for living the life in sustainable way, with off the grid lifestyle.

Advertise your enterprises

Advertise your enterprises and business in the powerful network/community of agriculturist, young farmers and entrepreneurs. I offer social media marketing for your business to reach your product to the target group.

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